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Buisine screen washing, reclaiming, developing, degreasing
Kinzel web screen printing and inline finishing processes

dlp imaging corp. (dlpic) is a Long Island, NY based corporation with an industry-proven management of more than 50 years of combined experience in North American and European screenprinting markets.  Initially, the company was founded to support the branding of the patented screen imaging technology provided by CST, Germany, exclusively distributed in North America by dlpic.  

For complete process control in screenmaking and in screenprinting in general, dlpic quickly enlarged the range of high-quality equipment for the long overdue automation in screenmaking and added a wide range of state-of-the-art European printing equipment.

CST, Germany is recognized as a global leader and pioneering innovator in direct screen imaging and strongly rejects the notion that “one-machine-fits-all” is helping the screenprinting industries. CST is the only provider of state-of-the-art direct screen imaging technologies who offer more than a dozen Digital Light Processing systems besides their inkjet and waxjet machines.  Vertical, flatbed or rotary - CST machines can be custom designed in different sizes, resolutions (500, 740, 1000, 1270 and 2540 dpi) and light sources.

The recent technological developments of utilizing Texas Instrument’s HD DMD chip with over 2 mio. micro-mirrors together with the multiple wavelength LED light source set new benchmarks against which all others will be judged in future years. Installed CST machines have been and always can be upgraded to emerging imaging technologies in the future and more than 2 dozens of Lüscher wax and laser JetScreens have been converted to CST technologies.

With more than 900 installations worldwide, their technology patents and their untiring R&D efforts and developments, CST has the most experience in textile, graphics and industrial screenprinting applications.

Buisine, France specializes in automatic screen washing, reclaiming, developing and degreasing and offers their equipment either as self-contained processing units or as modular inline process components. There are close to 20 fully automatic CST/Buisine inline configurations installed.

Printool Swiss, Switzerland designs and manufactures for the last 40 years their world-renown automatic screen coaters and manual/automatic screen stretching devices - all Swiss-made.

AM Kinzel, Germany is a well-recognized leader of new generation printing and finishing equipment manufacturers, speciallizing in web screenprinting, in- or off-line finishing processes and laser diecutting equipment

dlpic provides first-class installation, service and spare parts for all of the above mentioned equipment.







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